Fire features & Water features

Cottage living. Right here in Ottawa.

Inhale the scent of birch embers under a starlit sky. Listen to the gurgle of your waterfall as you garden. Experience the tranquility of the cottage any time you like.


Empire doesn’t just build decks and fences in Ottawa. We build complete backyard getaways that bring in some of nature’s most comforting elements—fire and water—to help you escape.

Water features

Water features instantly create a sense of calm, allowing you to step outside and experience every day that same relaxing, contemplative state you feel when you’re at the lake.


These are some of the water features Ottawa homeowners love integrating into their yard:



As focal points or as an accent, fountains add elegance and a touch of English garden whimsy. Today’s fountains come in an array of sizes and styles to suit the theme of your home and your landscape design.



Ponds are a place where birds can bathe, fish can swim, lilypads can float, and you can lose yourself in the water’s reflection. Whether you want a large natural-looking pond with a little bridge or a modern, square-shaped pond for your retreat, Empire helps you choose the right water features for your landscape.



Waterfalls are both functional and decorative water features that act as eye-catching focal points, or the backdrop that brings together several of your landscape elements. Since waterfalls keep water moving, they help prevent algae. Modern or natural-looking, they’re also incredibly peaceful to look at and listen to.

Fire features

In the thick of winter or the height of summer, outdoor fires are a natural place to gather with friends, tell stories, and extend the night. Empire’s Ottawa landscape design team builds all types of fire features in combination with decks and outdoor living spaces, or as a stand-alone project.


Fire pits

Roast marshmallows and share drinks with friends well into the evening when you sit around your cosy, warm fire pit. We have the expertise to build a gas fire pit for the ultimate in convenience, or the old-fashioned variety for those who just love the scent and sight of a wood campfire. Both look gorgeous on an interlock patio that draws the eye to your new favourite spot in the yard.


Outdoor fireplaces

Enjoy cool Ontario nights year round by bringing the living room outside. We build high end custom outdoor fireplaces Ottawa homeowners love because they give you even more opportunities to entertain outdoors in the warmth and ambience of fire.


Not sure what kind of fire feature or water features you want to incorporate in your new outdoor living room? Let our trained professionals help you select elements you’ll love for years to come.



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